What really happened that night??

For those of you that have seen the Awesome Movie,
Titanic, Directed by James Cameron, you saw what
detail Jim put into the last night, Well some of the
things that he put into the film have started a
controversy about what really happened that night,
but the truth is the only people who know were on
that ship, and there are only 5 survivors still alive!
So how do Jim find out, well he researched many
accounts of the night from survivors in the life boats
and on the ship till its last moments. He basically
took all of the stuff that was repeated over and over
and used that.

Well that doesn't really answer the question
does it? Well this is what came of my research.
People who broke something on the ship were
charged for it, even though it was sinking, just as
portrayed in the movie when Jack & Rose break the
door open and the crewman says "What do you think
your doing? thats White Star Line property, you'll
have to pay for that!" and Jack & Rose reply
warmly "Shut UP!". Also this is very controversial,
it is shown in the film that 3rd class passengers are
locked in the basement while the ship is sinking. In
real life White Star Line denied it and so did the first
class passengers, but the 3rd class say that it
happened. Is this some big conspiracy, who knows!

One of the bigesst arguments is about how the
ship sank, untill 1985 ,when they sent submercibals
down to veiw the Titanic, it was said my most that it
went straight down without breaking, but when they
found it over 2 miles below the surface they found
out that it did indeed split in half as some claimed it
did, so that part of the film is corect.

One thing that is known for sure, is that the Heart of the Ocean which Rose wears is made up! there is a picture of it below. They did however make one and auction it off, but this was after the movie became such a sucess!

Did the crew shoot passengers? well we will
never know the truth about that, but many people
say that it happened, and some say that it didn't,
However the world will problably never know since
the ship is decaying and with only 5 survivors, it is
about to become just another memory, There are
some efforts being made to pull the ship out of the
water, but it is virtually imposible!


Let me know what you think really happened
that night!