Titanic Sound clips!!!!!!

I have alot of clips but currently can only load a few so enjoy these( my favorites) and i'll be adding more soon!!

Rose DeWitt Bukater: "I do believe you are blushing Mr. big artiste, I can't imagine Monsueir Monet Blushing" Jack Dawson:"He does Landscapes!"
Tommy Ryan:"Ah forget it boyo, you'd as like have angels fly out of yer arse, then gettin next to the likes o' her"
Jack Dawson:"You must promise me that you won't give up no matter what happens! Promise me now Rose and never letgo of that promise. Rose DeWitt Bukater:"I promise, I'll never let go jack, I'll never let go!"
Rose DeWitt Bukater:"goodbye mother." Ruth DeWitt Bukater:"Rose come back here right now" Cal Hockley: "Where are you going, what to him? to be a whore to a gutter rat? Rose:"I'd rather be his whore than your wife!"

Look for more soon!!!

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